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Little Known Facts About Self-wellness - And Why They Matter

Self-wellness has recently become a popular topic of discussion around the dinner table, in classrooms and workplaces. Focusing on what we can all be doing to improve our self-wellness is a trend we all should get on board with. If you’re curious about starting your own self-wellness journey, here are some Little Known Facts About Self-wellness - And Why They Matter:

Physical activity can help fight depression.

That’s right – for some people with mild to moderate depression, daily exercise can help them battle depression and anxiety.

“Work wellness” is important for your everyday happiness.

Some of the most successful companies are integrating work wellness into their day-to-day. Balance in your occupational environment is crucial to leading a happy life. Ideally, your employer is aware of this and helps you and your co-workers feel they are in a safe and positive environment in the office. If not, you can suggest they bring in professional help to integrate wellness at work.

There is such thing as spiritual wellness.

While this may mean something different for every individual, spiritual wellness is a thing. Spiritual wellness is the type of wellness that helps us make sense of major life events, understand our individual selves, and even helps us understand our relationship with others.

Being kind to the earth can help you feel better about yourself.

Taking care of your environmental surroundings can actually be beneficial to your own well-being. There are everyday practices you can commit to, like recycling or carpooling, that will boost your mood by helping the planet. Here’s a list of some other ways you can be environmentally responsible.

It’s okay to spend money on yourself.

Ever heard of rainy day savings? It’s a real thing. While it may not need to be actually raining for you to tap into this piggy bank, there’s something special about saving up a bit of money to buy yourself something you’ve been lusting after. Of course, you should be in good financial standings first and save up for big purchases, but remember it’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while.

Being social can lift your mood.

The best way to instantly improve your mood is to get outside and see other faces— humans need to feel like they are part of a pack. Make plans with some friends or, if you’re struggling to be social lately, just go for a walk and share a smile with a stranger on the street.

Reading can improve your mental health.

In this digital age where we are all on our phones constantly, sometimes our minds need a break from the glowing blue light on our screens. Picking up a book can spark your intellectual curiosity, as well as boost your confidence by learning something new or getting lost in an amazing story.

Talking about your feelings is therapeutic.

Sometimes it’s hard to open up about our emotional struggles, but it’s one of the best practices to improve your self-wellness. Whether you seek professional help in talking to a therapist, or just go to dinner with an old friend, sometimes talking out our problems with another person is just what we need.

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