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Budget Friendly Self-Wellness Ideas 2021

To maintain good health and a vibrant life, making better choices to care for yourself is essential as you grow. You may think that taking care of yourself is a luxury you cannot afford, but surprisingly you can do it even if you are on a very tight budget. Here are some tips to take care of yourself without breaking the bank.

Physically – Get moving!

  • Do physical activities for thirty (30) minutes daily. Many examples include: Parking further away from your destination; using the stairs, walking, dancing, stretching, etc

  • Plan your meals, eat as healthy as you can and control your meal portions.

  • Get some rest, rest, and more rest!

  • Get at least seven (7) to nine (9) hours of sleep every night.

  • Get regular wellness check-ups from your primary care provider.

Intellectually - Never stop learning.

  • Learn wellness basics by reading When Wellness Runs Dry.

  • Learn a foreign language. Try the free apps: Duolingo and Babbel.

  • Play cards, board games, or trivia with friends and family.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument.

Emotionally – How do you feel? Express yourself!

  • Stay Positive. Smile as often as you can.

  • Label and validate your feelings.

  • DO NOT FAKE EMOTIONS. Be true to yourself.

  • Seek help and support from others.

  • Keep a daily gratitude journal.

Socially – Hi, nice to meet you!

  • Meet new people – Visit your local library, join group meetings, or visit a community arts center

  • Use social media – Try a free account: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Talk on the phone – Contact any friends and family or even co-workers (need free service? Try this program).

  • Volunteer – Contact local community, charity, and non-profit organizations (Can’t afford to engage in free service? Try AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps)

Spiritually – Find your inner voice.

  • Meditation (Try the free app: MyLife™)

  • Yoga (YouTube)

  • Explore spiritual texts and history from your local library.

  • Travel to a peaceful place: You can walk, bike, drive, or run/jog to many free locations including: Community parks, libraries, gardens, lakes, mountains, or forests.

Occupationally – What are you doing for work? Are you happy?

  • Check Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) at your current workplace.

  • Check health insurance benefits through your employer.

  • Work/Life balance! If you can, avoid overtime or hanging around the office past the end of the workday. Take your scheduled breaks and avoid taking work home.

  • Find your passion! Volunteer if you cannot find a job you love. (Remember try AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps)

Financially – Money, money, money, money…MONEY!

  • Spend less, save more.

  • Manage debt (reduce it as fast as you can with the snowball method)

  • Try a side hustle here.

Environmentally – reduce, reuse, and recycle. Let’s clean up!

  • Conserve energy – does that light really need to be on all night?

  • Get Organized – declutter that space… Sell what you don’t need/use.

  • Clean your space – including work areas.

As you can see you can have fabulous wellness without breaking your bank account. All you have to do is make small, positive changes every day and you will have a more balanced, happy life.

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