Our mission is to educate and provide materials to adults on how to reach optimal wellness by addressing all areas effectively. Accomplishing simple daily tasks and identifying areas for growth, adults can become aware of their own wellness needs and use the information and materials to lead a fulfilling life. We are committed to proactively facilitate client-centered intellectual capital so that we may continue to approach our jobs with passion and commitment while also maintaining the highest standards in the market.


CLIMB: Building your Journey 

This phase of our plan indicates where we climb to your desired project. During the consultation sessions Koalatative Guided Solutions, LLC™ partners with you to develop a workable project that will meet your needs within your established deadlines. This is where we build your custom plan to fit your organization. As we climb towards the peak of your plan, we establish measurable results to ensure you know when each phase of the project is complete. 

BREATHE: Embarking on your Journey

This phase of our plan models the human pattern of deep breathing. Here, we implement your plan from the beginning with the following: 

  • Inhale Slowly: The beginning of the project plan. We lay the ground work of gathering materials, obtaining more details including customization, establishing resources necessary to complete project

  • Exhale Slowly: Formulate our custom team that will handle the project from start to finish and get to work!

RELAX: Enjoy the Ride

This phase of our plan is where we establish our routine excellence by continuously working on your project by shifting our focus to precision, accuracy, and awareness. We will be hard at work while your organization becomes more relaxed with our style of warm feedback and genuine, consistent follow-up through completion of the project. 

Ashley Jelks-Fragier

Managing Member

As a self proclaimed Official Pen Thief, Ashley seems to never be able to resist capturing a great pen. Traveling the seven seas and exploring spaces everywhere, Ashley's pen collection will amaze even the most conservative of pen thieves. When not capturing the most exotic pen, Ashley remains focused on pursuing a PhD in International Psychology with a trauma services concentration with selectively emphasizing her curricular studies on Clinical Health Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  

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