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University Students and Professor

We are an educational and coaching services platform that focuses upon self-guidance and personal development. We empower our clients and students to become the best versions of themselves with our inspiring content and engaging support through The Guide Key Way. 


The Guide Key Institute was created as an alternative to only providing educational and coaching services to businesses. It gave individuals who lacked the access to the tools and resources once only available at the small business employer level. 


The Guide Key Institute is a division of Koalatative Guided Solutions, LLC founded in 2017 and headquartered in Colorado Spirngs, Colorado. The Guide Key Insttute is 100% founder-owned and continuing to grow exponentially. 


Over three years ago, Ashley Jelks-Fragier started a research and consulting company called KualaCare Connections, LLC. The focus was on bringing wellness to small businesses with the hopes that this would eventually serve employees and their families. 


Ashley passionately enjoyed serving people because understanding personal development is in her DNA. Ashley grew up helping her grandmother around her home daycare business, plaster and craft business, and serving the community by cooking meals and providing basic needs to anyone that asked for help.

With The Guide Key Institute, she found that empowering individuals with personal development gave her more freedom to be creative and adapt to their unique needs. So in 2018, Ashley decided to focus on developing The Guide Key Institute.


While the new company began with changing its parent name to Koalatative Guided Solutions, LLC, the need for creating The Guide Key Institute became clear. Our clients were asking us to create a platform that was easily accessable that kept the fundamentals of personal development at its core. They taught us that our brand's purpose and promise is to help individuals to become the best versions of themselves by helping them transform into their own Guide Key and leader within their lives.


​Over the past couple of years, we have launched new avenues to include expanding social media outreach and written content to include our book: When Wellness Runs Dry: Your Return to Self-Care Begins Here. We are no longer exclusively a research and consulting company focusing on wellness strategies for small businesses, we are an educational and coaching services platform. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to becoming the best version of ourselves through personal development.


“I think, therefore I am.” This is the foundation of our culture. The Guide Key Institute strives to cultivate a culture that empowers us to live our truth through the best versions of ourselves. We are dedicated and passionate about serving our clients and believe that fostering supportive relationships and teamwork are powerful tools to help them become their own Guide Key within their lives.

We believe that diversity is our greatest strength. To accomplish this, we aim to continue to build a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse organization. We empower each other to bring our authentic and unique perspectives to our mission. This helps us form new ways to better serve our clients.

We partner with our team members to succeed in The Guide Key Institute now by collaborating on building The Guide Key Institute of the future. We do this through our learning resources and experiences that emphasize on global citizenship and community responsibility.

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