Who We Are

Teaching + Coaching + Mentoring = 

The Guide Key Way

We are not only coaches or teachers - we are borh! We call ourselves Guides. The Guide Key Way is an approach to personal development and self-help that recognizes the need to have education and coaching as one unit. 

Support Group

What We Do

We help people solve their own problems, improve their performance in both the here and now as well as the future. We improve upon the skills you have while also helping you to develop and committ to learning new goals. We teach you how to develop and learn those new goals by raising your competence and exploring new horizons. 


What is a Guide Key?

The Guide Key is your Archetype - your best self as well as your own solution. We teach you how to locate, develop, and use your Guide Key to solve your own problems and enhance your life.  

Researching and Writing