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Koalatative Guided Solutions, LLC was founded in September 2017 as a Limited Liability Company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our purpose is to provide self-wellness education and materials to adults to help reach optimal wellness. Our blog and vlog series provide fun facts and weekly tasks to complete to address all the areas of self-wellness. The Guide Key™ brand serves as a medium for promoting the self-wellness lifestyle. With over 10 years of experience educating, mentoring, and providing information to adults concerning the path to self-wellness, we have earned a reputation as a “compassionate leader and guide” within the training and development field. Taking the education on self-wellness to the adult learner, we developed the concept of this business due to our desires to see everyone flourish within their lives. 


When Wellness Runs Dry is the ultimate self-help book for people that are looking to restart their self-wellness routine and get back to basics. This book will:  

  • Introduce the Self-Care Burnout™ and why it is hindering your progress

  • Provide an overview of all eight areas of wellness

  • Challenge the belief that “we must be kind to live happily”

  • Help you begin your wellness journey today in five minutes

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